Before I set out on the long road to licensure as an architect, I was committed to serving the public good through urban design. Just after I obtained the necessary experience and the license, I began as a design review planner in Pasadena, a historic city with a long and distinguished history of design review. 

I then turned to the private sector, providing design guidelines to many varied cities, alternating with staff planning positions. My design guidelines, based on timeless principles, are tightly organized, concisely written, and amply illustrated with real-world examples. That approach has recognized in numerous awards. 

Applicants and client cities have appreciated having a licensed architect experienced and certified in planning to provide the depth of understanding needed for effective and credible review. My approach is to provide creative solutions when appropriate, to allow the discussion to be imaginative, but ultimately to lead the process to the findings.  The result is a fair and efficient process with a refined product.

I've kept the product display limited to the brief slideshow for the purpose of introduction served by this website. It is my hope that we will be discussing the possibilities of design review and design guidelines in much more depth after that introduction.

My education includes undergraduate and graduate work in Planning at UCLA and University of Washington. It culminated with a Master of Architecture degree from UCLA in the golden period when renowned architect Charles Moore headed the department.